Hello and Welcome on my page.

This is the gateway to my blogs and pictures.

I've spend more than 4 years in Asia, since 2009.

All started with an one-year trip with my friend and i didn't stop exploring since.

My travel blogs are in German, cause some of my family don't speak English and i started to blog for them, so they can travel with me.

Google translate does it word by word, so many times the meaning gets lost....

But pictures also tell a story.

Please enjoy.

Links to each blog, please click on the image:

Luke Junglewalker 2013 -2016
  My newest blog.
Travels in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and hitchhiking from China through Kyrgizstan, Uzbekistan and Iran to Europe.

 Luke Junglewalker

Lucky Luke Story 2011 - 2013
The story of China, Laos and my work as a NGO volunteer in Cambodia, 21 months in Asia

The Lucky Luke Story

First Trip 2009 - 2010
When i left the first time to Asia with my friend Daniel.
With the transsiberian train from Moscow to Beijing, through China and Southeast Asia.
A full year travel and the beginning of my Odyssey. 

Asia Trip 2009 - 2010